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Event Nutrition

Winners Event Nutrition

Winners Sports Nutrition are proud to again be the Official Energy Bar, Energy Gel & Chew of Amy’s Gran Fondo 2021. Winners energy products have been developed for cyclists and are used and recommended by cycling champion Cadel Evans.

Ensure you are fuelled up for training and ride day with the special Winners’ Amy’s Gran Nutrition Pack from


Winners are also offering a 10% discount from for all Amy’s Gran Fondo riders.

Coupon Code: AGF2021

Amy’s Gran Fondo Nutrition Tips

  • Aim to consume 30 – 60g of carbohydrate per hour of riding
  • Eat and drink consistently on the ride. Set your watch alarm to go off every 20mins as a reminder
  • Eat high carbohydrate foods and taper training in the days leading up to the ride
  • Eat foods containing carbs and protein within 30mins of completing a ride to aid recovery
  • Test your nutrition plan prior to the ride. People respond differently to different foods, make sure your body can cope under ride conditions.